Landscaping plan design service

Our team of designers are on the lookout for new trends in floor plan design. They always have sustainability, aesthetics and the environment in mind for any landscaping plan they develop.

An artistic composition adapted to your space

The landscaping plan, developed with finesse and horticultural expertise, is produced from the conceptual stages through to final installation.

A harmony between the elements

A wide range of elements should be taken into consideration when developing the landscaping plan:
the climate, topography, orientation, site drainage, building codes, irrigation, access and movement of people and vehicles, furniture, lighting, habitat for native plants, to name just a few.

The best value for money for your landscaping plans. It’s guaranteed.

Our range of activity sectors, ranging from the production of caliber trees and perennials, through the distribution of concrete products and water gardens, we can offer you the best prices since we do not there is no intermediary.

A repeatedly honored company

Over the years, Alain Carrier Paysagiste has stood out by winning more than 60 provincial awards for his landscaping projects, whether commercial or residential.